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First HAYASA G Interview about breakthrough in music industry, sound production and ghost producers.

"I am really motivated by my own life and I strive to the best."

HAYASA G is a trap producer from Armenia, resident of GANGSTER CITY label. His tracks and remixes get viral in TikTok, Instagram. HAYASA G works has over 150 millions of views on YouTube and over 15 millions streams on Spotify.

Where were you born? Is your country rich in big artists?

I was born in Armenia. There are many artists with Armenian ancestry as Charlez Aznavur, Cher, Aram Khachaturian, Serj Tankian (System of A Down).

But I don't know any other big Armenian artists who live or have lived in Armenia.

Where did that love for music come from? How did you realize you wanted to become a music producer?

In 2016 I wanted to create a gift but I had no money so I decided to create music composition as a gift and that is how I got into music.

What did you do before your music career and how did it change your life?

Before music career I worked as a postal worker wherever possible but then my music started to bring me money․

Do you remember your first release? What did you feel at the time?

Yes, I do. It was a special day for me and I remember sending out my first official track to everyone.

"The Banjo Beat" is your most popular single with millions of streams. It was viral in Tiktok and Instagram Reels and was played everywhere on the radio. How did you come up with the idea of this track? Did you use samples? And how do you feel about sampling?

"The Banjo Beat" was very simple to produce. I created it in a few minutes due to the catchy banjo sample.

Anyway I believe that you must be a good producer to make a hit based on a sample. So I don't mind using samples but now I try not to use them.

How did your life change after 'The Banjo Beat" success?

It did not bring thousands of bucks of course but It was enough to upgrade my studio.

Who inspires you to do what you do now?

I have many favorite artists but I am really motivated with my own life and strive to the best.

What artists would you like to collaborate with?

I would like to work with Apashe, M83, Dj Snake and it's just a small part of artists I would love to work with.

Does anyone help you with your music?

I do it by myself from composing to mix and mastering. But I get artists' feedbacks to my demos. From Kazu and WØSKI for example.

Which DAW do you work in? And is there any fundamental difference for you in choosing a DAW?

I work in FL Studio but I mostly like Ableton. I need some time to switch to Ableton because of learning it yet. What about the difference it depends on the genres you work in. Ableton is more convenient for EDM production and FL Studio is better for Hip-Hop beats to me. What about sound qualiity it's no difference which DAW you use.

How do you feel about Ghost Production and the fact that most popular EDM artists use such services?

I have more respect for the artists who create music by their own. It's like when someone else writes lyrics for your rap song, there's no honesty, it's not atmospheric to me. But I understand why DJs need ghost producers because they are always on the move and it's hard for them to combine gigs and production.

Did you watch YouTube tutorials about production? And how difficult is to achieve unique sound in times of huge competition and similar tracks?

I watch YouTube tutorials, I find them helpful and I know that popular DJs watch them too.

What about unique sound do not bother too much with tweaking sounds. It will come only with time. It's not that everybody starts to make a unique sound from the start, for example Skrillex did rock music initially but it took several years to invent new sound after all.

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

Learn to play guitar or piano or any other musical instrument.

What are your plans for the near future? Gigs, new releases?

I have many upcoming releases, sometimes I release 2 tracks a month. I'm always productive. No gigs yet, as I think I have not reached that level yet but next year I think it will happen.

Thanks for the interview this is my first interview.

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